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wunder[werk] is a fashion label from Dusseldorf for "women and men who understand to connect fashion and sustainability consciously." Most of their products are also GOTS certified. According to their website each garment is created:

  • "by basically environmentally sound production of textiles, i.e. without air and water pollution
  • by fair treatment of humans and animals (use of organic wool or alpaca, no angora plucking, no mulesing )
  • by the exclusion of environmentally harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, chromium VI or potassium, and petroleum-based raw materials (acrylic, polyester, polyamide, polyurethane)
  • by using raw materials from controlled biological cultivation (organic) and certified organic farming (certified organic)
  • by using a modal fiber from domestic beech wood (Lenzing Modal Edelweiss)
  • with resource-saving products, washing and finishing techniques
  • without the workers in the manufacturing countries getting in contact with hazardous chemicals.
  • with low-water and low-energy washing and staining, especially in denim"