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"the world's cleanest drinking bottles"!

For the whole preceding year, Georg had been looking for a drinking bottle that was plastic free, because he didn’t want plastifiers to enter his body, no matter how small the amount. But he didn’t find any. That’s why he had used empty vodka and whiskey bottles for the better part of that year, much to the amusement of his friends. (And strangers in public transportation, but that’s a whole other story.) So, he thought, wouldn’t it be great to have plastic free drinking bottles with really cool designs on them? So that he could finally get the drinking bottle of his dreams? And that other people who still drink bottled water would finally be drawn to make the switch? He told his best friend Paul about this. Paul agreed. They researched how to print on bottles, and when they produced the first bottles by hand, many of their friends – and a huge number of complete strangers – also agreed. By buying up the first few production runs in no time.