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Gepa practices 100 per cent Fair Trade – for Fair Trade with Southern producer groups is a matter near to our heart! Therefore, our benefit is of a different kind: any surplus is exclusively re-invested in Fair Trade!

Profit maximization and profit distribution are not in line with our principles – and those of our share holders, the relief organizations and youth federations of the major churches. For over 35 years, we have been going new ways as Fair Trade pioneers – serving the interests of our Southern partners:

We offer help for self-help – this includes assistance to enter the local market.

We are part of an international Fair Trade network: many people and organizations help to give trade a human(e) face!

Together with numerous committed people we have played an important role in shaping public awareness with regard to social production conditions, also those in Germany – this we are proud of and this is our benefit!

Your benefit: Quality: high quality products, mainly organic Transparency: transparency with regard to the ingredients / components of your products, production and value chain Your share of a whole: as a consumer of fairly traded products you are a member of a world-wide movement for more justice in international trade!