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"Our shoes are made in a small factory near to the city of Porto in Portugal. A country (which we're proud to say) derives over 70% of its energy from renewable sources, the highest in Europe. They employ 70 local workers and are committed to high standards of ethical manufacturing. The factory has a strict non-toxic policy and they recycle nearly all their waste products, including fabric off-cuts and water.

  • production is based in Portugal
  • reasonable work shifts
  • no child or forced labor
  • non-discriminatory work environments
  • safe and hygienic work environments
  • controlled employment relationship

We use Environmentally Conscious Materials

  • all products are handmade in Portugal
  • vegetable & chrome free tanned leathers from Portugal
  • we try to source our materials locally in the region of Porto whenever possible
  • soles and laces made from all-natural materials
  • organic cotton/ organic cork
  • vegan products as recycled and breathable artificial leathers*
  • boxes made from recycled materials
  • transportation: short distances and carbon-neutral"

(link: http://www.ekinfootwear.de/about text: More information)