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"Sustainability is not a trend for us – it’s the only way to be. As a team as well as a business we try to do everything we possibly can to choose wisely, reuse and recycle. This means that along with using carefully sourced fabrics, crafting designed-to-last clothing and shipping it slowly, we're 100% committed to doing the right thing.

Everything we do is done with respect for others. That’s why we sign up to and endorse a Code of Conduct approved by the International Labour Organisation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These organisations help us ensure that everyone is treated respectfully, has chosen to work and is paid fairly. They also help provide healthy working conditions that are free from child labour, discrimination and unfair hours. Our commitment covers the following crucial points:

  • Voluntary employment
  • Non-discrimination
  • No child labour
  • Freedom of Association
  • Wages
  • Working hours
  • Working conditions"