In eigener Sache • am 26.01.2017 von Tim

To our international friends

Why actree is focusing on the German market for now

When Beccy and Tim started actree in 2014, it was an inherently cross-national project. At the time Tim was living in Malmö, and it seemed obvious to start the website in English: many of our friends were not German speakers, and many of the places, companies and products that inspired us were not in Germany either.

Today, we are still international, now being run from Scotland and different German cities. But we noticed that we have to focus to reach a larger audience and to have the impact we are wishing for. When last year we held a workshop and decided to found a "Verein" (a registered association) in Germany, we also made the big decision to switch the actree website and our communications to the German language.

This does not have to be a permanent decision — in the future, it might as well be possible that we will support multiple languages — but for now the focus on the German language, and thus market, helps us tremendously.

We thank you all for your ongoing support and hope to expand actree internationally in the future — stay tuned!

Love, actree